Weight Loss Surgery Gaining Popularity

At one of the most recent medical conference, it was concluded that severely obese people face reduced life expectancy along with significant psychosocial and economic problems. As the drug therapy for these severely obese people has been disappointing, one has to consider the option of weight loss surgery to get rid of all that extra weight.

How Its Work

Most people find it impossible to shed their weight and keep those extra pounds off by simply exercising and proper dieting.  Hence, it is no surprise to see these people looking for alternate solutions to combat obesity, and one of these is the Gastric Sleeve surgery. This is turning out to be one of the most effective treatments for morbid obesity. But one needs to get a consultation from a medical professional before deciding for a weight loss surgery.

The gastric sleeve surgery also referred to as sleeve gastrectomy is one of the recent forms of bariatric. It is a restrictive process that achieves weight loss results by limiting the quantity of food that can be physically taken in by you. During the surgical procedure, a big section of the stomach is removed from the stomach, and the portion left behind is a slim tube that will now act as your new stomach. The result is that you start feeling full just after eating a small portion of food.

Patients Feedback

Patients, who have undergone the Gastric Sleeve surgery, are seen to shed weight within a period of 6 months to 1 year. But they need to follow the right diet plan and the exercise regimen, if they don’t want those extra pounds coming back on. Just like in all forms of weight loss surgery, there are potential complications involved with gastric sleeve surgery.

You might get infections or blood clots. In some rare cases, the patient has experienced internal leakage after the surgery, which may be due to improper sealing and can lead to some serious infections. Another complication that may follow is the stomach stretching as now you will have to watch the amount you eat and would not want your stomach to stretch. This can negate the whole purpose of the surgery.

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